Company Profile

Elbit Imaging Ltd was established in 1996. The stocks of the Company are traded on the NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 
Structure of the Company’s holdings following the completion of the Restructuring of Corporate Debts
• Following completion of the Company’s Debt Restructuring in February 2014, the control in the Company was changed in that 95% of the  Company’s share capital was allocated to the unsecured financial creditors of the Company.

•The Company has two main shareholders: York Capital and its affiliates (“York”) hold approximately 19.7% of the Company’s share capital and  Davidson-Kampner and its affiliates (“DK”) hold approximately 14.3% of the Company’s share capital.

•The rest share held by institutional investors in Israel and by the public. 

The Company’s Business segments are:

•Through our subsidiary, Elbit Medical technologies Ltd (“Elbit Medical”) (89% and 58% fully diluted), we hold two companies: InSightec (22%)  and Gamida Cell (18%).

•Through our subsidiary ,Plaza Centers (45%), – Plots in Eastern Europe which are designated for sale.

•Land Plots in India which are designated for sale (and which were initially designated for residential projects)(in partnership with Plaza Centers).


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