In addition to our Company’s core operations, we also act as a venture capitalists, investing and holding interests in the following various companies:

Olive Software Inc.

Our Subsidiary, Olive Software Inc. (in which our Company approximately holds 18.33%), is engaged in the development and marketing of products that enable a transparent link between the newspapers’ traditional printing systems and the world of e-publishing. These products enable newspapers and magazines to automatically present their printed edition on the internet, while supporting the e-commerce applications, personalization and interactive advertising. In addition, Olive develops and markets digital archive services for newspapers and libraries.

For additional information please see Olive’s web site: http://www.olivesoftware.com/ 


Varcode Ltd.

Varcode Ltd. (in which our Company approximately holds approximately 52.4%) is developing the innovative active Smart-Barcode(™) technology. The Smart-Barcode is a revolutionary barcode that enables recording and reporting of any irregular events that the product was exposed to during the entire cold chain. The Smart-Barcode is attached to perishable foods and reports whether or not the product was exposed to temperatures above or below the defined threshold or time limit, as well as other parameters. The use of Varcode’s Smart-Barcode(™) can drastically improve the logistic food chain, cut out on waste and expand shelf life. Other uses of the Smart-Barcode technology include pharmaceutical and other time temperature sensitive products.

For additional information please see Varcode’s web site: http://www.varcode.com/  

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