Elbit India

Elbit has been an active player in India since 2006, focusing on the planning & development of ground-breaking real-estate, residential, commercial (offices) and retail (shopping centers) projects across India. We have a durable and sustainable vision for our presence in India and our aim is to set project landmarks in terms of design, quality and operational management.
With an established headquarters in Bangalore and additional office in Pune, we now employ a large and diverse range of professionals who lead and implement our projects locally. Our senior management team consists of highly experienced and motivated Expats working alongside a team of local employees.

We are in various stages of developing six Real Estate projects across five major Indian cities - Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram
In 2008 we established a joint venture between Elbit Imaging Ltd. and its subsidiary company Plaza Centers N.V. which is named ‘Elbit Plaza India Real Estate Holdings Ltd. (EPI)' for the express purpose of developing our projects across India. Plaza Centers has already proven itself as one of the major developers of shopping centers in Central & Eastern Europe, and we have now set out to achieve the same market recognition in India.
Our shopping center project in Pune is in the final stages of construction as well as two additional office complexes, one of which is to be built on top of the existing shopping center. We have several strategic partnerships with leading local developers with whom we are in the advanced planning stages of two large-scale townships in Bangalore and Chennai.
Two additional projects in the city of Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram are also in the pipeline and development will commence in the near future.

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designed by antartica | built by shteeble