Shopping Malls & Entertainment Centers

Insight. Experience. Expertise. Resources.
Elbit Group “ELBIT” through its subsidiary Plaza Centers N.V (LSE: PLAZ, WSE: PLZ/PLAZACNTR) is a leading owner, operator, and developer of exceptional retail properties around the world.
We have interests in and operate a global portfolio of 37 assets in both capital cities and strategic locations in Central & Eastern Europe and India.
Our subsidiary, Plaza Centers N.V., is a leading developer of retail space in emerging markets. Valued in excess of 659 million EUR, and with approximately 4.26 million square meters of built area, it focuses on the development, operation, management and sale of new and existing shopping & entertainment centers.
ELBIT has a successful track record of identifying markets with great potential and then utilizing its experience, expertise and resources to see the project through from beginning to end. By thinking like an entrepreneur but acting prudently, ELBIT has created some exceptional retail environments that exceed both the shopping preferences of customers and the business goals of local retailers.
The group has been present in Central and Eastern Europe since 1996 and was the first to develop western-style shopping and entertainment centers in the region. ELBIT pioneered this concept throughout Central & Eastern Europe; and to date we have developed and let 30 shopping and entertainment centers of which 26 of them where sold for a gross value of 1,164 million EUR.
Currently the group is in the process of developing more than 31 projects which are under various stages of development in Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and India.
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