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Mr. Zisser serves as Executive President of Elbit Imaging since January 2010 and CEO since July 2012.
From 1999-2009 Mr. Zisser has served as Executive Chairman of the board of directors of Elbit Imaging.

Mr. Zisser also serves as a director in additional companies held by Elbit Imaging, such as InSightec Ltd., Elbit Ultrasound Ltd. and Elbit Medical Holdings Ltd.

As Executive President and formerly Executive Chairman of Elbit Imaging, Mr. Zisser has led, and continues to lead, Elbit Imaging’s core businesses, including real estate, hotels, shopping centers, residential projects, commercial real estate, venture capital investments, and fashion.

Mr. Zisser also serves as President and Chairman of the board of directors of Europe-Israel Ltd. since March 1998, and since 1983 the President and Chairman of the board of directors of Control Centers (M.M.S.) Ltd. He has developed major real estate projects in Israel (including the city of Emmanuel, the Herzliya Marina, the Ashkelon Marina, and the Sea and Sun luxury residential project in north Tel Aviv), as well as large scale residential and hotel projects from around the world.

From October 2006, Mr. Zisser serves as Executive Chairman of the board of directors of Plaza Centers N.V., a company traded on the London and Warsaw Stock Exchanges (LSE: PLAZ) (WSE: PLAZ/PLAZACNTR) (“Plaza”), which is a subsidiary of Elbit Imaging. Plaza Centers N.V is a leading developer of shopping and entertainment centers in emerging markets, focusing on developing new centers and redeveloping existing centers, in both capital cities and important regional centers in Central/Eastern Europe and in India.

Mr. Zisser is also a member of the investment committee of EPN Real Estate Fund, LP, a real estate investment fund that was jointly established by Elbit Imaging, Plaza and Eastgate Property LLC and its affiliates. The EPN Real Estate Fund, LPwas created in order to facilitate U.S. retail real estate investments, focused on investments in the U.S. retail and commercial real estate sectors.

Mr. Zisser is active in charitable organizations. Mr. Zisser and his wife have established together with EzerMizion, one of the largest non-profit health support organizations in Israel, the “Oranit” guest home for children with cancer, as well as the national Bone Marrow Donor Registry which matches people in need of life-saving transplants with genetically compatible donors, thereby facilitating hundreds of life-saving transplants throughout the world and saving hundreds of lives every year.



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